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Russell McKamey and Vincent Newsom, better known as "Rockit" and "Vinny New" respectively, are the dynamic duo behind the music and gaming channel Rockit Music. With a passion for gaming and music, the pair create original Nerdcore songs inspired by popular video games such as FNAF, Roblox, Minecraft and more!Russell's journey in music began as a self-taught guitarist, eventually forming his own band before transitioning to creating music for video games. Vinny, on the other hand, has been making music for over a decade, with a talent for rapping and singing that perfectly complements Russell's rock music style.The two met through a mutual friend and bonded over their shared love of music and gaming, forming Rockit Music in 2015. Since then, they have gained a devoted following of fans who appreciate their unique blend of rock, hip-hop, and Nerdcore culture.Their music videos, which feature high-quality animations and visual effects, bring their lyrics to life and have made them a hit with both music and gaming fans alike. Russell and Vincent's infectious energy and dedication to their craft have also led to collaborations with other popular YouTubers and game developers, as well as live performances at gaming conventions and events.Rockit Gaming's rising success and loyal fanbase show no signs of slowing down, and Russell and Vincent's passion for gaming and music continue to inspire and entertain their audience.